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Hotmail Emoticons

Do you have a hotmail email account and use it to keep in touch with your friends and family?

Do you use MSN messenger? DO you spend hours chatting and always get frustrated with not being able to get your message across to your buds?

Hotmail Emoticons may be your answer!

An emoticon is a piece of small computer generated art that is used when chatting online.

It generally looks like a small face that is making an expression.

Many users of Hotmail and MSN Messenger use emoticons

An emoticon displays your emotions; shows your tone of how you would be speaking if you were in person.

Many people use emoticons to display what their body language or actions would be if they were able to show the person. So instead of simply typing hello, the user is able to say hello and smile, then wink. The meaning behind what they are saying becomes much clearer and much more illusive at the same time.

Emoticons have become another way for people to communicate online, by giving chatters a way to express their emotions and body language.

Before emoticons chatters had many problems with their friends not understanding how they said something, leaving people hurt and confused.

Emoticons are designed to be simple. They are designed to be easily typed or chosen in the natural flow of an Internet conversation.

Many people use emoticons in order to make their conversation seem more real.

Hotmail has been at the forefront of emoticons, as they have fully embraced the use of emoticons in their services and software.

Hotmail does provide some free emoticons in their MSN software.

Many users get bored of the provided emoticons and feel that they ones provided are great, but they don’t cover every thing that they need.

Some companies do charge for the use of their emoticons.

You can download free emoticons NOW!