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Animated Emoticons

Have you noticed when you are chatting with a friend or loved one via instant messaging that he or she is sending you lots of animated emoticons, while yours are one-dimensional in nature?

Well, it’s time for a change. You too can have thousands of smileys at your fingertips. How?

Check out MSN emoticons, and you will be absolutely amazed not only at the amount offered for free, but the quality and quantity as well. All you need to do is download the smileys which can be used for your emails and instant messaging on various browsers, including: AOL or AIM; Yahoo Messenger; Outlook; Outlook Express; MSN/Hotmail; Yahoo Mail; AOL Mail; and MSN messenger.

Every single emotion and attitude you can think of can be downloaded. If you’re a sports fan; check out the smileys offered. So too, the humor smileys are very funny and will invoke immediate laughter as well. Having a bad day at work? Download the work smileys – they are absolutely wonderful! So too are the world smileys – which are rendered so realistically, you sit back in awe at the display. You must check the Eiffel Tower emoticon!

If you would like to know how each emoticon is expressed, check out MSN’s emoticon dictionary. One would never have guessed there were so many ways to show one’s emotions. Those of us, who are used to the standard smile and frown, are introduced to a unique world of keystrokes which epitomize every conceivable thought and feeling.

Animated emoticons are a wonderful way to express feelings, emotions, and attitudes.

They have become part of the internet culture, and are growing in leaps and bounds daily. Those whose expertise has increased the size and scope of these emoticons should be commended for their creativity and ability to capture that instant feeling you may wish to express at the moment. If you are tired of the non-descript emoticons you currently utilize, check out MSN emoticons and download a whole new world of ideas and thoughts expressed in smileys. You won’t be disappointed.